What is the Average Cost to Hire an Android App Developer?

Android is the most popular platform for creating apps. According to a recent Statista survey, Android will account for 87.4% in the global OS market by 2023. Making an Android app can help your brand reach new audiences.Worldwide, $462 billion worth mobile apps was sold in 2019. It is predicted that $936 billion will be made by 2023. Isn’t this amazing? Not every app is going to be successful in the business world.

Get Android App Developers for help in creating a great app which will outperform the rest and earn you a lot.

Skills to be considered when selecting Android developers

You need to have a certain set of skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise in order to design mobile apps. Your Hire Dedicated Designers Must Understand the Business’s Needs and Have the Technical Skills and Know-How to Make an App that Helps the Company Reach its Goals.

This is a list that you should look out for when looking for a Mobile App Development Company to work on your app project.

Excellent understanding of programming languages

Java and Kotlin, are the most common languages for writing code for Android apps. Your Mobile App Developer should be familiar with the syntaxes and basic concepts of these programming languages.

Android App Developer Kit Access

This code is pre-assembled and accelerates the creation of Android mobile apps. Android SDKs should be available to all Android developers. Imagine a situation where you will need to connect your app with Facebook. Your coders will need to use a Facebook SDK in order to speed up product development.

Understanding Android Studio and APIs

Android Studio (Integrated Development Environment), is a vital tool that allows you to collaborate with many Android SDKs. Developers must also be familiar with APIs. APIs can be used to link apps with services or other apps that aren’t part of the app. Google APIs can be used to locate your users; link to maps or help them find local businesses.

Proper use of databases

Your app must deal with lots of information and communicate with a database that’s not on your phone. App developers now have the best way to store data in the Cloud and make it accessible on all devices with Firebase.

The Basics of Material Design

Google’s first apps didn’t look exactly the same as Apple’s. Google’s Material Design protocol is a new way to design things. It provides a solid foundation for UI/UX Design.

Clear Concept of Business Processes & SDLC

Developers must understand why managers make the decisions they do. This will enable them to identify the most important features and plan the development of a project.

How much does it cost to hire Android engineers

Although we would love to give an estimate of the cost to create an app, it is impossible to do so because there are many factors that affect how expensive an app will be. There are many things that you can do to help you budget for app development. These can help you determine the cost of making an app.

Price will vary depending on:

What the app does and Why

Mobile platforms

Connection points

Visual objects are assembled

Different types of tech and features

Maintenance Plan

We can also use average or typical benchmarks to estimate the cost of making different types of apps. These benchmarks were derived from research by many organizations who have calculated app development costs for clients.

Simple app – $40,000 – $60,000

Apps of medium level cost between $61,000 to $120,000

Complexes: $120,000+

These factors are not the only ones that affect the cost of hiring an Android app developer.

Hourly rate

Many freelance developers prefer to work for hourly rates. The above-mentioned aspects can also vary in the range of these developers. You can hire them on Upwork or other freelance platforms for between $25 and $80 an hour.

Timeline and hiring process

Some people don’t have the technical skills required to create, compile and fix bugs in Android applications. Only a skilled developer can help you achieve your business goals. For most business owners, however, the biggest problem is finding and hiring a developer.

This is how you find the best Android app developer step by step.

Step 1 – Start with a description of the operation.

All of your business tasks can be put in one file. The file can be easily sent to developers of app development as you search for them. This will allow you to communicate with the expert and ensure that they do what you ask.

Step 2 – Choose the correct model

There are many ways to get your app developed. Either hire an app developer team or hire another person to make your app. App developers working for you in-house are the most expensive option to create an app. This is why most business owners hire outside help. Outsourcing allows you to find more developers, make your app more efficient, and get paid less.

Step 3 – Interviews with technical experts

You should conduct technical interviews, review portfolios, and then evaluate the potential developer or outsourcing partner. Sometimes past clients’ testimonials are the best way to evaluate a potential outsourcing partner.

Step 4 – Complete the contract and sign it

Before you start any work on your app, set timelines and negotiate the length and organization for your weekly or daily meetings. Remember to discuss confidentiality agreements and security measures.


These methods can help you find and hire the best software developers. It is important to remember that hiring the best software developers in your business is a process and not a goal. It is important to constantly reevaluate and modify your process. Otherwise, you will never be able to hire the right people.

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