6 Must-Have features for Health and Fitness Apps by 2021

One example of continuous ramification is the Fitness industry. Leading businesses are able to leverage the higher consumer growth model of the fitness industry, from FitBit’s smartwatches that last longer than a year to Peleton’s new Bike+. 68.7 Million smartphone owners in the United States used at most one fitness or health app at least once per monthly and are projected to grow to 86.3 million by 2022.Many business experts agree that digital fitness is a great way to keep one’s health in these high-stress times. Here are some tips for fitness app owners to keep in mind when developing their app.Biggest Fitness Industry Trends for 2021

-User personalization

Personalization is a powerful tool in fitness app development. It allows users to integrate specific features based on their personal information, such as age, gender, and weight. Personalization is a powerful tool for fitness app development. It allows users to integrate specific features based on their personal information, such as age, gender, weight, etc. This increases brand’s trustworthiness and longevity.

-Wearable & Non-wearable integration

Wearables as well as non-wearable devices allow users to quickly navigate their fitness activities. You must use flexible services for fitness app development to allow users to create profiles and track their progress. This will enable you to increase user growth and provide more channels of revenue. You can also add dental and health checkups to your app to keep you healthy. Treating gingivitis can be done at a Dentist Washington Heights.

-Goal Setting

There would be fitness apps without goals! Your app allows users to set goals and allow them to motivate, compete and enjoy the lazy to fit path. Your app development company will also be able to integrate important user monitoring insights such as sleep monitors, weekly/monthly goals and many other features that will keep your app unique.


Gamification is a growing trend in fitness. Although it is still in its infancy, it is rapidly growing. Business owners can now offer gamification services such as fitness measurement. These features include levels, challenges and quests, points and badges. This keeps users engaged and builds an exceptional “personal experience”.

-Tracking statistics

Tracking metrics should be available for fitness apps that include additional app features such as activity meter, time stamp and progress evaluation. This allows users to record their manual fitness data. Your app should provide basic functionality such as distance, duration, calories.

-Geolocation, Monitoring

When developing fitness apps, geolocation is an excellent feature to consider. These features allow users to store their history and monitor their progress towards their monthly/weekly goals and achievements. You can also access user-definable services like Push Notifications and Reminders , which remind users about their week tasks, new challenges, and in-app purchases.App market is a highly competitive area. Most businesses lose their spirit because of poor implementation. You could begin with your own apps but hiring a mobile app developer can help you move quickly and to achieve greater ROIs.

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