Explore the Globe With the Questo app

Questo is an app that takes you off the beaten track, telling you stories and legends along the way. The app is free to download and you can follow the directions for the tour. You can also use the app offline but you may need to download an offline map. People have reported getting lost so plan ahead. Tours typically last 3 km, so plan for long walks.

Game of city exploration

Questo is an innovative game of city exploration that combines elements of escape rooms and role-playing games. The role of a famous person or famous place in a fictional city is taken on by the players. This game will have you exploring the city and solving puzzles to uncover new places – all while solving mystery. You don’t need to make reservations to download the game.

Questo, an innovative game for city exploration that combines storytelling and real-world exploration, is a new kind of game. You can play as a player and navigate through unfamiliar areas, solving puzzles and riddles, or learn about famous sites and events. These games can be played by any type of player, including families and friends. The games aim to encourage social good in the cities they visit. These games are fun, flexible, private and entertaining which makes them ideal for everyone.

City Walks Allows You to Walk Around the Globe

Questo is the mobile app that will allow you to explore the world. Questo offers city exploration games where you have to find clues and solve puzzles in order unlock secret stories. These games were created by professionals and companies. Amateur storytellers added their own twists to the game. You can explore any of the 130 cities in the world that they have available.

Questo’s city exploration games are a winning way to get a real and authentic experience of a city. Explore the city, play games, and discover interesting stories about the area. You are free to walk, or play wherever you like. You can pause the game at any time to take a break or deviate from the route. This is a great way to discover a new place without ever leaving your home.

The most popular games in cities

Questo is a fun app that allows you to explore new cities. The Questo app combines storytelling and real-world games to create a gamified travel experience. As you solve puzzles and find hidden objects, you will be immersed in the city. You’ll also discover stories about the area you’re visiting. There are many city games that you can play, including in New York, London and Paris.

The Questo app allows you to explore your city by solving puzzles or completing mystery missions. You can travel to tourist attractions with the game without requiring a guide or reservation. There are both paid and free versions. You can play with up to three people at once. Download the app now and start exploring! No matter where you are located, there are many new games available!

Night Walk Edinburgh with Ghosts

The Ghosts of Scotland Tour is for you if you enjoy the ghostly history of a city. The tour takes you to some of the most haunted parts of the city from above. Real stories about serial killers, bodysnatchers and other horrifying crimes will be shared. You’ll be able to experience some of the most haunted locations in the city, including the Greyfriars Kirkyard poltergeists and the City of Edinburgh’s abandoned vaults.

The Cadies & Witchery Tour is a fun, but creepy, ghost tour. The tour is led by an Edinburgh Cemetery Director who has passed away. It includes a range of ghost stories and legends that are reminiscent of Edinburgh’s dark past. The tour starts at 7 p.m. and costs PS13. The tour will also include information about some of the most famous ghost stories in the city. This is a great option if you are looking for a ghost tour of the city.

Historical Florence: Discover the Medici Conspiracy

Rivalry and jealousy were common during the reign of the Medici families. Power was at the crossroads between internal and external factions. The puppeteer behind this bloody plot was Pope Sixtus IV della Rovere (a Catholic). His nephew Girolamo Riario wanted to be the ruler of Florence. He had allies in rival states. The Pazzi family was also involved, as they were archrivals of the Medici families.

The strategic location of Imola, which was located between Florence and the Adriatic port, was a key advantage during the Medici era. The Duke of Milan was willing to sell the property to Lorenzo as part of the agreement. Lorenzo refused to finance the purchase. Sixtus however, resigned from the Medici Bank to seek out other sources of financing. Sixtus also hired a family with Medici connections, the Pazzis, to help him.

Romantic Montmartre in Paris and Lost Lovers

The Medici Fountain depicts a cyclops Polyphemus descending upon Galatea, a nymph who is in the arms and care of Acis. The Jardin d’Acclimatation is located on the boulevard de Boulogne. Napoleon III also used it to court the Empress. It is well worth the effort to visit the Great Fall.

Ghosts of Glasgow Night Walk Glasgow

Glasgow is the host of the world’s most haunted city exploration games. It’s time for you to be spooked! This interactive experience requires you to solve riddles, codes, and puzzles in order to discover the true horror stories behind Glasgow’s landmarks. The experience starts at 8pm and lasts approximately an hour and a quarter. The app is COVID-safe and all locations can be found outdoors. The app also provides clear directions to each location.

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