Explaining What are the Rules for Getting a Yellow Card in Football

What is a yellow card in football?, 88New is a place that provides detailed information about the rules for receiving yellow cards in football. From explaining the meaning of a yellow card to specific cases when a player can be shown a yellow card. New88 will help you better understand this regulation. If you want to learn about the rules for receiving yellow cards in football, follow the article below for the most complete and detailed information.

What is the meaning of yellow card in football?

What is a yellow card in football? It is a familiar term in the subject sport This. Yellow cards are used to punish players when they violate the rules (article 123 of the Laws of Football). The team whose player violates will have points deducted directly or face receiving a penalty from the opponent.

The yellow card penalty is more severe than the referee’s warning but lighter than the red card. If a player receives two yellow cards in a match, the player is forced to leave the field (equivalent to a red card).

What is the history of the yellow card in football?

In 1996, Ken Aston, a referee at the World Cup, came up with the idea of ​​yellow cards. With his expression while playing at the World Cup, Aston realized that the referee’s decisions are not always clearly understood by players and spectators.

Therefore, he proposed the color card system as we know it today. This system was first applied at the 1970 World Cup and then spread to football and other sports.

Rules for drawing yellow cards to players

When does the referee give a player a yellow card? We will find out below.

Intentionally breaking the law

If a player intends to play badly or rudely, even though he has not committed a foul that endangers the players, the referee also has the right to issue a yellow card.

Unacceptable behavior

This is an act of intentionally deceiving the referee or celebrating too aggressively, the referee has the right to issue a yellow card in this case.

Causing arguments by words or actions

After making the final decision, a player who reacts too aggressively or talks back and forth will receive a yellow card.

Wasting time (buying time)

During a match, players can do actions such as prolonging contact with the ball, pretending to be injured or slowly performing situations on the field. The referee has the right to directly issue a yellow card to a player who is wasting time, with the purpose of warning and preventing this behavior in order to maintain fairness and increase the speed of the match.

Violating position and not standing according to regulations

Before taking a free kick, the players must stand in the prescribed position, which is 10 meters from the free kick location. If a player intentionally does not comply with the regulations and distorts his position, the referee has the right to issue a yellow card to warn and remind the player.

Violation of regulations on entering and exiting the yard

During the match, only players with permission from the referee can enter and exit the field. If a player voluntarily leaves the field without the referee’s permission, the player will be given a yellow card.


When players score goals, they often take extreme actions such as climbing the fence or taking off their shirts to celebrate. These behaviors often merit a yellow card.

In dangerous situations and a player is fouled with no chance of converting it into a goal, the decision on whether to issue a red or yellow card is in the hands of the referee.

What is the way to calculate the number of yellow cards in football?

In a soccer match, the referee has the right to issue a yellow card to penalize the violating player. The criteria and behaviors for drawing yellow cards are specified as follows:

Calculate the number of yellow cards in a season

During each football season, players can be given yellow cards according to the rules of the game. The number of red cards will also accumulate over the course of the season. If a player receives 3 yellow cards, he will be banned from playing in subsequent matches.
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Yellow cards are often used in play-off matches and knockout rounds. How this yellow card is applied depends on the regulations of each season and the football management organization.

Calculate the number of yellow cards in a match

In every match, it is inevitable that players will commit fouls and receive yellow cards. Two yellow cards will be equivalent to one red card. A player who receives a red card will have to leave the field and cannot continue playing.

In case a player has received a yellow card in a previous match, if he continues to receive two more yellow cards in the next match in the same season, a red card will be applied.


According to New88’s analysis, we understand What is a yellow card in football?. This is a penalty applied by the referee to warn players for unacceptable behavior during the match. Hopefully you have clearly understood this rule to participate in soccer betting more accurately.

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