Revealing the experiences of playing Sic Bo that not everyone knows

Experience playing Sic Bo Bringing in lots of bonuses is a topic that every bettor is interested in. This is a simple, attractive game but requires many factors to be profitable. Don’t worry, the following article will reveal the playing experiences compiled by New88vinet players.

Pocket tips for playing Sic Bo that are easy to play and easy to win

Sic Bo is known as a game with a very high degree of chance. However, as a bettor, you must have your own special tricks to be able to bring in a lot of money. The first experience in playing Sic Bo that every brother must learn is betting tips. As follows:

Tips for folding steel

This is a way of betting that many bettors call “loyal to over/under”. Because players only bet on one bet from start to finish. Of course, the probability of winning with this trick is quite high.

You just need to place your money on the over or under bet. If you lose the first game, don’t rush to give up. Double the amount you bet and continue choosing that door until you win. An easier-to-understand example of the experience of playing Sic Bo and tips on playing steel folding is as follows:

  • Game 1 bet 100k on Over and lost.
  • Game 2 continued to choose Over with a bet of 200k and still lost.
  • Game 3, continue to bet on Over with a bet amount of 400k.

Continue like that until the player wins with Over. After that, return to the original bet of 100k. However, please note that this trick requires bettors to have a large amount of capital. Besides, some bookmakers will ban this way of playing because that way players won’t have to worry about losing money.

Tips for guarding the bridge

The next experience of playing Sic Bo that cannot be missed is the trick of watching the bridge. For many new players, the term flat bridge will still be quite new. It is used to refer to the case of an over/under game that only returns one result in many consecutive games.

Along with flat bridges, there are also broken bridges, which means the results will continuously change between over and under. Repeat 2 to 3 times when the bridge is broken and the result will be a flat bridge. Players only need to track the history of bets to determine when the bridge is flat and when the bridge is broken to make money. Especially before changing balls, bettors can use the trick of hitting hard to win big.

Tips to guess the button to place the door – experience playing Sic Bo to win big

Many bettors believe that the more bets they place at the same time, the higher their odds of winning. This is a mistake that causes you to lose more bets. Instead of doing that, players should research the odds of Over or Under.

Each online bookmaker will usually provide a statistical table before starting the game. What bettors need to do is look at the table and predict the result of the next game. However, this requires you to have experience playing Sic Bo correctly. Example of a game with an Under result:

  • If the total of the three dice is 3, then the next game has a 99% chance of winning with the Under bet.
  • If the total of the three dice is 4 or 5, continue to choose Under in the next game.
  • If the total of the three dice is 7, 8 or 9 and one of them is 1 button or 2 buttons, the next game still chooses Under to win.
  • If the total score of the three dice is 9 or 10 and no dice has 1 button, the next game will be Over up to 95%.

Follow the results of previous over/under games

The next experience in playing Sic Bo that you need to learn is to keep track of the results of previous bets. This is very important for players to be able to successfully apply the above tips for playing Sic Bo.

Please study carefully to grasp the rules of the game before starting to try. Many betting experts just need to look at the results table to be able to predict whether it is Over or Under and bring home the prize.

Over/under betting has a clear strategy

Besides the betting tips we just shared, there are many other experiences in playing Sic Bo. There are countless tips for predicting over/under that bettors can refer to such as the unbeaten 1-3-2-4 strategy, reverse bridge, 1-2-3 bridge…

You should not focus too much on any one trick or strategy. Of course, you should not apply many fighting methods at the same time. Let’s research which Sic Bo tips can be applied to each other. Furthermore, it must be suitable for your capital source.

Maintain your mentality

Over/under has a fairly quick playing time, so players must play continuously if they want to win huge prizes. Therefore, many bettors will rush into making wrong betting decisions. Therefore, keeping a stable mentality is also an effective Sic Bo experience that not everyone can do.

Must know when to stop

Setting a stopping point when playing is also very important. According to New88 players with experience playing Sic Bo and always winning, you need to see how much capital you have. Then set a level of money that when the player loses or wins to that number, he must stop.

Of course, stopping here means the player does not bet on the next few games or continues the next day. This will help your mind relax so you can make more accurate betting decisions.

Choose a reputable house – experience in playing Sic Bo is important

Online Sic Bo is popular with many bettors. Therefore, there are countless online bookmakers offering this type of betting. This also causes many people to have their personal information stolen, scammed, and money appropriated.

Therefore, players need to choose a reputable and quality betting address. According to the experience of playing Sic Bo from New88 experts, it is necessary to choose playgrounds with the following conditions:

  • The number of players is stable.
  • The interface is carefully invested.
  • Diverse and selective game store.
  • The deposit and withdrawal system is simple and fast but ensures the safety of player information.
  • Timely support for bettors 24/7

Above are all the experiences of experts playing Sic BoNew88 bookmaker. Hopefully it will help readers understand more about Sic Bo and bring in lots of winning bonuses.

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