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The Nissan Serena, a minivan manufactured by Nissan, joins the slightly larger Nissan Vanette. It was also sold as the Suzuki Landy.

Nissan’s Aichi Manufacturing Division designed the vehicle and shipped it in 1991 as a mini-traveler van. It grew larger over time. The previous versions were front-motor, rear tire drive designs with a live pivot mounted to leaf springs.

Later versions had multilink-free back suspensions and were either front-wheel drive (or 4WD). The 2.3 L diesel engine adaptation was the most popular. It had eight seats, which was unusual considering the standard seven.

It is a smaller model than the Nissan Elgrand in Japan. The name derives from the Latin word serenus, which means “clear, quiet and charming”. This minivan is in direct contrast to the Nissan Lafesta, an MPV. The Toyota Noah, the Honda Stepwgn and the Mitsubishi Delica are all contenders. Once, the Mazda Biante.

You can see the Nissan Serena here fitted with the discretionary J Impul styling package, which raises the price to RM 149.888. Other costs include:

Expressway Star: RM 132.888

Premium Highway Star (Single-tone dark): RM 142,888

Premium Highway Star (Two-tone): RM 144,888

J Impul Premium Highway Star (Single-tone dark): RM 147,888

J Impul Premium Highway Star (Two-tone): RM 149,888

The Highway Star does not offer cowhide seats in dark or earthy colors. Instead, it is available at RM 3,435. You can also purchase a RM 701 or RM 972 option separately for a rooftop-mounted, 10.1-inch back theater setup and an inherently advanced video recorder.

Why should you choose Nissan Serena?

The all-new Serena is taking care of Nissan Malaysia in its 7-seater MPV section. In Malaysia, it was delivered in mid-2018. Because of its relative abundance of features, the Nissan Serena quickly gained attention due to its attractive value point. Although there are 7-seaters available in a comparable value range, none of them give off the impression that they offer a cash incentive when compared to the Nissan Serena. This story has been divided into the Serena’s advantages and disadvantages so that you can get a clearer idea of why this JapaneseMPV costs more than the asking price of RM 131 800.

Current-day looks

The Serena is a popular choice for most people who will see it. The most appealing feature is the part fog light that points to the front. We also like other interesting components. The two-tone shading option looks amazing alongside the D-column, which gives the impression of a floating rooftop.

Space and solace in the interior

Nissan has put a lot of effort into creating this lodge. Each tenant has plenty of space to move about. The back seats can be moved forward or backward depending on your comfort needs. This last line is also quite agreeable. For grown-ups, this is a great place to stay for long trips.

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Support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

We are happy that Nissan has included support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its most recent Serena. These two highlights are complemented by the Clarion Advanced Display 6.75 inches.

Advanced motor

The 2.0-liter 4-chamber petrol motor that powers the Nissan Serena produces 110 PS at 6000 RPM and 200 Nm at 4400 PM. It is mated with an XTRONIC CVT and Adaptive Shift Controller. Nissan’s S-Hybrid System also offers a variety of features, including ECO Motor with Electric Power Regenerator, Secondary Battery, and Idling Stop/Start System. This makes the new Serena eco-friendly.

Highlights that are helpful

The Nissan Serena specifications include many interest features that will catch your attention. The Serena comes with a sliding, non-hands double force entryway. This allows you to open and close the back door by simply kicking underneath it. You can easily access the boot via the double secondary passage by simply opening the top of the back end. The lodge also has 7 USB charging points for each traveler.

Security highlights

We are pleased to report that the Nissan Serena comes with a significant number of wellbeing features. There are front and side double airbags as well as full-length airbags. Intelligent Around View Monitor (II-AVM), Intelligent Moving Object Detection System (IMOD), Intelligent Driver Alertness, (II-DA), ABS (EBD), BA, Vehicle Dynamic Controller.

Ride quality

Nissan did not attempt to make the Serena drive feel like an MPV or vehicle. This car is a family vehicle that’s truly extraordinary. The suspension system is very delicate and absorbs bumps well. The lodge protection is acceptable. It provides a peaceful experience. To reach 100km/h, the motor’s force conveyance requires some investment.

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