The Most Common Reasons Your Floor Drain Backing up

A floor drain is a wonderful addition to any modern bathroom. The floor drain allows water to evaporate while the shower remains an integral part the bathroom. You don’t have to go in and out of the shower. This can help reduce the number of people who experience falls or trips to the bathroom.

It can be more difficult when things go wrong. It’s not enough to just examine the joints and pipes.

Floor drains are often installed in basements. This can lead to basement flooding.

Most people assume your drain is blocked. It’s possible that your drain is blocked. To have it cleared and checked , it’s best to call Cronulla plumber. You can buy a drain unblocker but it may cause damage to your pipes if it is chemical-based.

Although clogging beneath the floor drain may be possible, it is not the most common cause.

Sewer Line Clog

Most common is a blockage in your main sewer line. This will run from the point where your appliances meet with the water board’s pipe. This section is your responsibility.

The best way to see the screen is to put a sewer camera in the pipes. This will let you know what is happening and show you where it is. This will help you to deal with the problem.

Trapped Air

The water stops flowing properly if the air gets trapped in your pipes. Most likely, the air has entered your system from another location. It will be difficult to pass the air if you try to drain water from the floor. This happens because water with equal pressure is on the other side.

The floor drain is where the wastewater goes.

Dealing with the Issue

Most likely, it is a clog. To clear the clog, you can use drain rods once you have located it. Attach each rod to another until you reach the clog. You should then be able drive the rods through any clog. A spike or twisted end will be helpful as it will allow you to drive through any clog.

Make sure to take a picture to verify that the clog is gone.


Most cases can be cleared up by removing the clog. Sometimes, however, the clog may be caused by a damaged pipe. It’s up to you to determine if an insert is possible or if the entire pipe must be replaced.

You can insert the insert into the pipe by passing it through the pipe. Then, inflate the insert. If you have to replace a section, you will need to dig in your yard.

This will stop your floor drain from clogging.

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