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Increase Production Efficiency with Haohua Machine’s PVC Pipe Molding Machine

When it comes to manufacturing long PVC pipes, the right machinery is crucial to ensure seamless production. Haohua machine, a leading name in the industry, introduces their advanced PVC pipe molding machine – a game-changer for businesses seeking superior quality and increased output.

Unparalleled Precision and Flexibility

Haohua machine’s PVC pipe molding machine, model 92/188, offers unmatched precision and flexibility. Designed to accommodate an outer diameter range of 250-630mm, this machine is perfect for producing long PVC pipes with utmost accuracy. Its cutting-edge technology ensures consistent results, giving manufacturers peace of mind and reducing wastage.

Impressive Output and Efficiency

One of the standout features of Haohua machine’s PVC pipe molding machine is its impressive output capacity. With a range between 550-750kg/h, manufacturers can significantly increase their production volume without compromising on quality. By optimizing the machine’s design and incorporating efficient mechanisms, Haohua machine has created a solution that maximizes output while minimizing the time spent on maintenance and repairs. This not only saves valuable production hours but also allows manufacturers to meet demanding deadlines and fulfill orders faster.


Investing in Haohua machine’s PVC pipe molding machine is a wise decision for businesses aiming to revolutionize their PVC pipe production process. The model 92/188 offers unparalleled precision, accommodating an outer diameter range of 250-630mm effortlessly. With an impressive output capacity of 550-750kg/h, manufacturers can meet growing market demands efficiently. Haohua machine’s dedication to innovative technology ensures that your production processes are streamlined, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced waste. Embrace the future of PVC pipe manufacturing with Haohua machine’s superior-quality PVC pipe molding machine.

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