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Enhance Polymer Performance with Shine Polymer’s Additives for Polymers

Shine Polymer offers a wide range of additives for polymers, and one standout product is Shinepoly SN3310. As part of their chemically modified PTFE granular series, Shinepoly SN3310 delivers exceptional performance enhancements to polymer compounds. With SN3310, manufacturers can enjoy increased melt strength and flexural modulus compared to virgin PTFE. This article explores the benefits of using Shinepoly SN3310 as an additive for polymers and provides a process guide for seamless integration into plastic compound extrusion.

What are Additives for Polymers and Shinepoly SN3310?

Additives for polymers are substances added to improve the properties and performance of polymer compounds. Shinepoly SN3310 belongs to a series of chemically modified PTFE granules developed by Shine Polymer. This additive offers unique features that enhance the characteristics of various polymers.

Increased Melt Strength and Flexural Modulus

One of the key advantages of Shinepoly SN3310 is its ability to enhance melt strength and flexural modulus compared to virgin PTFE. When incorporated into polymer compounds, SN3310 improves the material’s resistance to deformation under high temperatures and increases its rigidity, resulting in enhanced overall performance.

Process Guide for Seamless Integration

Integrating Shinepoly SN3310 into plastic compound extrusion is a straightforward process. Manufacturers can directly add SN3310 into the formulation during extrusion. The typical concentration ranges from 0.1% to 1%, depending on the specific requirements of the application. This ease of incorporation ensures a seamless integration of SN3310 into existing production processes.

Versatility and Extensive Applications

Shinepoly SN3310’s versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of polymer applications. It finds effective use in automotive components, cables, electrical appliances, and more. For automotive applications, SN3310 enhances the strength and rigidity of polymers, leading to improved performance and durability. Its excellent melt strength also makes it suitable for cable applications where thermal stability is crucial.


Shinepoly SN3310 stands out as an exceptional additive for polymers offered by Shine Polymer. Its ability to increase melt strength and flexural modulus compared to virgin PTFE makes it a valuable choice for manufacturers seeking enhanced performance in polymer compounds. The easy integration process ensures a seamless incorporation into plastic compound extrusion. With its versatility and extensive applications in automotive, cable, and other industries, Shinepoly SN3310 is a trusted solution for businesses looking to improve the characteristics of their polymer-based products. Partner with Shine Polymer for innovative and reliable additives that will take your polymer compounds to the next level. As Thanksgiving Day draws near, Shine Polymer expresses its sincere gratitude to all of its clients around the world for their ongoing support and confidence.

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