12 Reasons 3PL is the Best for Reverse Logistics and Return

The eCommerce industry involves creating and marketing products. You will also need to fulfil orders and provide customer support. You must also track all shipments and return. You’ll be in serious trouble if you don’t have a system. It is why it is so important to have a 3PL to take care of your reverse logistics.

Third Party Logistics (3PL).

3PL is often mentioned in news articles or in business sections. Let us tell you what 3PL is. A third-party logistics provider assists businesses in managing their supply chain. It is responsible for goods delivery, storage inventory, transport, and transportation. To achieve end-to-end solutions, a 3PL partner is your best choice. It covers everything you need, including shipping and reverse logistics.

Drop shipping and 3PLs are often confused. Dropshipping is selling products that have been manufactured by another company. 3PLs are dependent on the merchandiser that your shop orders and manufactures.

3PL for Returns :

Chaos is inevitable without a 3PL. This is something you don’t want to happen to your eCommerce company. 3PL providers can also be your best friend when it comes to handling returns that are stressful. Here are some notable benefits of a reliable 3PL.

Quick and Simple Returns

A 3PL with strategically-located warehouses across the globe can manage returns conveniently. If you have a network that includes warehouses close to your customer, the process will be simple. You can also receive your items quickly from any part of the country where they were received. A simple and efficient return process can help you reduce your costs. It helps you to encourage new customers to become loyal customers. Your store’s performance is reflected in fast, easy returns.

Package Tracking

A complete tracking system package is included with 3PLs. This includes comprehensive returns management. This will give you exact information about your inventory. This will show you the quantity of items that must be received, inspected, and restocked. An integrated returns management system makes it easy to manage all aspects of your returns process. You can also sync all pertinent information.

Enhanced Scalability

Scalability is a key goal for all businesses. It’s vital for long-term success and for your business to be able to grow. To achieve your goals, you will need more resources and time if you work on your own. Working with a 3PL will help you reach your goal quickly and efficiently. Because 3PLs are connected, you can access their resources and support. It helps you avoid making costly mistakes that could hinder your business’ growth.

Quality Control

Returned items must be sorted and put back on their shelves. There are times when goods can be lost or damaged. 3PLs can delegate recycling, restocking and disposing of returns, depending on the conditions of your online shop. A 3PL is responsible for inventory accounting. A 3PL can take responsibility for labeling, cycle counts, reporting, and reporting. You can rest assured that your goods will be safe and sound, no matter how they are stored or returned.


3PL adheres to the rule that each transaction must be recorded. Your eCommerce business will be in complete control of their documentation. You can also access the documentation to get clarifications. You will always have a backup copy in case of an emergency. You’ll also see how efficient the workflow is. A customer may have placed an order at 9:15 am. It is possible to identify the time that your 3PL picked up, packed, or shipped the products.


3PLs are able to fulfill orders successfully because they have access to a network of people and groups. You’ll be able to promote your eCommerce business to many opportunities if you partner with them. You might be eligible for shipping discounts with reliable carriers. Manufacturers may also consider offering provider discounts based on order volume. Third-party logistics’ best perk is its warehousing network. It allows you to distribute your products to other businesses and consumers. These networks can also be used when reverse logistics is required.

Value Added Services

Are your products too complicated? Are you willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve your revenue goals? If you select the right 3PL for your company, you can solve any issue. 3PLs provide services to your product before it ships. It prepares the order for shipment by packing, bagging and other services. It ensures that every package leaves the warehouse in the correct condition for its destination. It prevents product returns.

Extra Time

Time is money in any industry. Third-party logistics can help you manage your time better. You can spend hours stocking inventory or preparing orders. You can now use your time to build your business resources. You can also spend more time marketing and expanding your business.


It is time-consuming to work on all aspects of a business. This can also drain your finances. Storage space is expensive and you have to rent it. If you are lucky enough to own your own storage space, you will spend money shipping your stock back and forth. You must maintain your vehicle if you own it. You should also check that your truck has enough fuel. You don’t have to do that. To run your business, you will need additional staff. It may seem more practical to do everything yourself. You might reconsider if you add up all of your expenses and your efforts. With 3PL, you will be able to worry less and save more. All this stress can be taken off your plate with a single payment.

Customer Service

3PLs are known for providing excellent customer service. They are committed to providing high-quality services for every client. Communication is not all that matters. 3PL carriers have the resources and infrastructures to support customer service efforts. You can be sure that every customer problem will be addressed. You can also address their concerns immediately. You gain their trust when handling returns.

Magnified Sustainability

3PL does not only involve preparing and shipping orders for your customers. It is also concerned about the environment. 3PLs are known for reducing carbon footprints, without compromising shipping, logistics and reverse logistics. 3PLs also encourage the reuse of recycled and reusable material. Buyers may also be interested in your business’s environmental impact. Working with a 3PL can help increase your business sustainability.

Streamlined Operations

No matter what type of business you own, streamlining operations will be a key factor in your success. Chaos will ensue, and your business may fall. Trusted third-party logistics covers all of your shipping needs, including returns and reverse logistics. You can thus optimize your operations and get the most out of your plans, and your resources. You can reduce mishaps such as returns.

Your business can benefit from 3PLs. To reach your revenue target, you don’t need to invest a lot of time, money, or effort. You must make sure that you work for a legitimate 3PL company such as Red Stag fulfillment. This fulfillment center is your extension. You will benefit from every function they provide for your eCommerce business. The company is accountable for all aspects of reverse logistics and returns. You won’t be blinded by transactions.

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