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Streamlining Healthcare Operations with OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Computer Cart

OEKAN Furniture, a renowned provider of medical furniture, introduces their cutting-edge medical notes trolley to simplify the transportation of vital patient documents. This lockable cart ensures that private and important files are only accessible to authorized individuals, instilling confidence in protecting sensitive information.

Customization Options Available

No matter the available space, OEKAN Furniture‘s medical trolley offers flexibility and customization. With two size options available, healthcare facilities can choose between a narrower model that optimizes space utilization or a broader version that provides ample room for larger files and equipment storage. This adaptability enables healthcare professionals to maximize their available space while ensuring easy access to essential documents.

Features that Contribute to Improving Workflow Efficiency

The mobility of OEKAN Furniture’s medical computer cart is unparalleled. Equipped with four 125mm castors, two braked, this trolley can effortlessly navigate busy corridors and tight spaces within the healthcare facility. This seamless mobility facilitates the smooth and efficient transfer of medical files between departments, reducing bottlenecks and improving overall operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the trolley’s sliding top serves a dual purpose–a work surface and a protective cover. Healthcare practitioners can quickly review and update files, ensuring quick access to pertinent patient information during consultations. This practical feature optimizes workflows, ultimately benefiting both medical professionals and patients.


In conclusion, OEKAN Furniture’s medical notes trolley revolutionizes the transport and management of medical files in the healthcare industry. Combining security and user-friendliness, this innovative solution ensures that confidential patient information remains safeguarded while enabling easy accessibility. With its customizable design and exceptional mobility, OEKAN Furniture’s medical computer cart streamlines healthcare operations, enhancing productivity and improving patient care.

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