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Comparing Apples to Oranges: Differentiating Between Jockey Wheels

We all know that DNL offers a wide range of jockey wheels for trailers with different sizes, weight capacities, wheel types and materials, features, and functions, like heavy duty jockey wheel. A jockey wheel is a device that supports and moves a trailer when it is not connected to a vehicle. It can affect the safety and stability of your trailer, as well as the ease and convenience of towing. However, not all jockey wheels are created equal. There are different types and qualities of jockey wheels that can suit different needs and preferences.

The Different Types of Jockey Wheels

Standard or fixed jockey wheels: These are the most basic and common type of DNL’s jockey wheels. They are usually attached to the trailer with a standard clamp and have a fixed height. They have solid types that are suitable for smooth and hard surfaces, such as paving and concrete. They are ideal for light-duty trailers that do not require much maneuvering or adjustment.

Swivel bracket jockey wheels: These kinds of DNL jockey wheels have a spring-loaded folding clamp that allows them to swivel and fold up when not in use. They can stay attached to the trailer even when towing and take up little space. They can be solid or pneumatic and can handle a variety of terrains and circumstances. They are suited for medium-duty trailers that must be attached and detached often.


DNL heavy duty jockey wheels are essential devices for trailers that can improve their safety, stability, functionality, and convenience. However, different types of jockey wheels have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the size, weight, terrain, and features of the trailer and the jockey wheel. DNL is a company that offers a wide range of high-quality guide wheels for trailers, giving you different options and customization features you can trust working with them.

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